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The only way to transform your life is to choose change, one step at a time.

Discover what the next steps are and experience what it feels like to live an authentic life.  Let today be the start of something new!



Have you ever found yourself wishing your life looked different?  Have you wondered why you don’t feel happy or fulfilled or that somehow you wish your life was more authentic?

My mission is to empower YOU to be the very best version of yourself and start living that full and extraordinary life you've always dreamed of living.

Let’s be honest, we live in a time when everything around us reminds us where we fall short.   Whether it’s magazines, social media, Pinterest or simply other people we encounter – we constantly play the comparison game and it often allows us to feel stuck in the life we are currently living.   

That needs to stop TODAY.   You need to be reminded that you were uniquely created to live a life that is different from everyone else. YOUR life! Let me help you figure out exactly how to start a new road towards a life that is authentic and life-giving.   

What are you struggling with?

In my experience, all aspiring world-changers (just like you) get stuck in one of the following steps:


You might have big dreams but are so overwhelmed by your current reality that it seems impossible to find the focus you need to develop a new plan.


You have your dreams figured out and you even have a plan to make it happen.  But various obstacles seem to keep getting in the way of getting started. 


You took the first steps, but it seems impossible to build momentum and sustain what you began.  I've got you, friend. Accountability is key.

"What makes someone worthy of hearing your story or giving advice on the journey you are on?  Someone who has been there, experienced the difficult times, and who truly listens with wise ears.  This is Lize Landis.  Having heard her speak at conferences, attending her workshops, and personally getting advice from her, I can assure you that she is a safe person and a thoughtful guide."

Christy R.

Unstuck On Purpose
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Unstuck On Purpose is a podcast of real conversations about all the things that keep us stuck and hold us back from living our best life. We talk about what it means to live on purpose, learn how to find hope, build your dream, and eventually get to a place where you are the hope giver!


Each week we will talk about real situations and give practical tips on how to make today a little better than yesterday and tomorrow even better than that. Teaching YOU how to live intentionally!

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